Texas Rivers Patch by Dana Falconberry

from Little Mazarn


We were lucky enough to be able to celebrate the release of Io with Io moth patches made by my friend Dana Falconberry and now WOW she’s back with these gorgeous one of a kind beauties tracing the rivers of Texas in luminous chainstitch glory.

Dana lives in Michigan now and we really miss her. She is a consummate artist and wellspring of expression whether it’s through beautiful songs, tasty snacks, or art. An original member of the infamous chainstitch crew over at Ft. Lonesome, she stitched these up at her cozy studio in Michigan, each one made individually by hand.

You can learn more about Dana here:

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Little Mazarn Austin, Texas

The music of Little Mazarn is a cool float a few feet from the ground through a dimly lit, almost familiar forest. It is quieter than silence, big as everything, still but always moving. If you’ve ever had flying dreams, or an amazing night time bike ride on LSD, this might be a world for you. - Thor Harris ... more


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